Rice/ Chicken

Risotto – Rice
160. Risotto Vegetariano 7,00 €
Vegetable rice with tomato sauce
161. Risotto Gamberetti (B,G) 8,00 €
Rice with shrimp in curry cream sauce
162. Risotto Marinara (D,B,H) 8,00 €
 Rice with seafood & garlic in tomato sauce
163. Risotto con Pollo (G) 7,50 €
 Rice with pieces of chicken breast fillet in mushroom
 cream sauce
164. Risotto al Vino Bianco 9,00 €
Rice with shrimps in garlic white wine sauce
Pollo – Chicken Meat
These meat dishes are served with rosemary potatoes,
vegetables of the day & salad
165. Pollo al Curry (G) 11,00 €
Sliced chicken breast fillet with onions,
fresh mushrooms in cream curry sauce, spicy
166. Pollo al Pepe (G) 11,00 €
Chicken breast fillet in pepper cream sauce
167. Pollo ai Funghi 11,50 €
Chicken breast fillet with fresh mushrooms
in cream sauce
168. Pollo alla Mozzarella (G) 12,00 €
Chicken breast fillet with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese,
basil in tomato sauce
169. Pollo Zingara 11,50 €
Chicken breast fillet with onions, fresh mushrooms,
peppers in tomato sauce, spicy
170. Pollo alla Milanese (A,C,G) 10,00 €
Breaded chicken breast fillet