Di Maiale – Pork
    These meat dishes are served with rosemary potatoes,  
    vegetables of the day & salad    
180. Scaloppa al Cordon Bleu (C,G,A) 14,00 €
    Schnitzel filled with ham and cheese with    
    cream sauce        
181. Scaloppa Milanese   (C,G,A) 11,50 €
    Schnitzel Vienna Style      
182. Scaloppine al Funghi   (C,) 13,00 €
    Pork medallions with fresh mushrooms    
    in cream sauce      
183. Saltimbocca alla Romana (3,G,L) 14,00 €
    Pork medallions with ham & cheese      
    in white wine-sage sauce      
184. Scaloppine al Gorgonzola (G) 13,50 €
    Pork medallions in gorgonzola sauce    
185. Filetto di Maiale al Gorgonzola (G) 16,00 €
    Pork tenderloin fillet with zucchini in gorgonzola sauce  
186. Filetto Maiale al Funghi (G) 15,50 €
    Pork tenderloin with creamy mushroom sauce