1) with colorant
2) with preservatives or preserved
3) Nitrate, Nitrite
4) with anti-oxidant
5) with flavor enhancer
6) sulphuretted
7) blacked
8) waxed
9) with sweeteners
10) contains phenylalanine
11) with phosphate
12) Caffeine Based
13) quinine
14) taurine
15) with dye, with anti-oxidant, coofeinhaltig, with sweeteners
contains phenylalanine
A) Cereals containing gluten
B) crustaceans
C) eggs
D) fish
E) peanuts
F) soy
G) Milk / lactose
H) nuts
I) celery
J) mustard
K) sesame seeds
L) Sulfur dioxide / sulphites
M) lupines
N) molluscs
O) FormFleisch ham
P) Antioxidants, dye, preservative
Q) Mayonnaise: mustard oil, antioxidants, guar gum
Additives and allergens with each list item
specified in the food label